Device and Method for Real-Time Prediction of QoE in Voice Services
A. De Domenico, F. Ayed, D. Lopez-Perez, N. Piovesan, W. Li, X. Wei, J. Chen
Filed patent

Telecomunications System for Controlling Network Resource Allocation to User Subjective Requirements and Method Therefor
N. Piovesan, F. Ayed, D. López-Pérez, A. De Domenico, W. Xing, H. Bao
Filed patent

Sustainable Communication System
D. López-Pérez, A. De Domenico, N. Piovesan, D. Tsishkou, and H. Bao
Filed patent

Method and System for Estimating Energy Consumption in Radio Access Network
D. López-Pérez, N. Piovesan, A. De Domenico, H. Bao, Y. Wang
Filed patent

Method for Controlling Carrier Shutdowns in a Multi-Carrier Cellular Network
A. De Domenico, D. López-Pérez, N. Piovesan, N. Zhao, H. Bao
Filed patent

Carrier shutdown for nodes in a telecommunications network
D. López-Pérez, A. De Domenico, N. Piovesan, X. Geng, H. Bao